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Company profile:

Etron is a world-class fabless IC design and product company of excellence. The company offers cutting-edge Known-Good-Die (KGD) and packaged ICs, which cover DDR DRAM, SDR DRAM, Low Power SDRAM, and system chips. Etron’s premium quality integrated circuits are widely used in various emerging applications, such as storage device, display, handset, PDA, and multimedia device. As a publicly-traded company headquartered in Taiwan (ROSE:5351), Etron strives to bridge the borders between the Asia-Pacific region and the international marketplace. It conducts active business with companies in the US, Europe, Japan, as well as other Asian countries.


Established in 1991, Etron pioneered Taiwan’s “National Sub-micron Project” and helped develop Taiwan’s first 8-inch wafer sub-micron technology, building a solid foundation for the DRAM and SRAM industries in Taiwan. The company’s performance has been recognized through many awards over the years, including the ¡§Industrial Technology Advancement Award¡¨ from the Economic Affairs Ministry in 1999 and the annual ¡§Best Innovative Product Awards¡¨ from the Hsinchu Science Park consecutively through 2001 to 2003. Major customers with a prestigious status in the worldwide market have also honored Etron as their Preferred Quality Supplier.


Etron has kept the flexibility, agility and product focus of a fabless IC company by establishing strong partnerships with leading foundries and companies having complementary skills from different specialty segments. It also actively upholds the attentive customer services of a fabless operation. With a deep knowledge in silicon technology and manufacturing, as well as quality management, Etron has overcome the weakness of traditional fabless companies


Website: http://www.etron.com.tw


Product Category:


· Wide-Bandwidth DDR DRAM
· Enduring SDRAM
· Low Power DDR DRAM
· Low Power SDRAM
· Mobile DDR DRAM
· Mobile SDRAM
· Very Low Power Pseudo SRAM 


USB 3.0 Host Controller
Product information Design Guide
EJ168 USB 3.0 Host Controller IE pdf
Webcam Controller
Product information Design Guide
eSP258 & eSP268 Webcam Controller pdf
eSP568 IE pdf